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About Us

GS Dance Studio was established in June 2017 at the center of Saigon – Binh Thanh Dist point jointing Dist. 1 and Phu Nhuan Dist, owning the most convenient location and high quality infrastructure with professional staff and organization is suitable for execution of communications, marketing, advertising and organizing sport and art activity.

At GS, we offer a wide variety of dance classes, tailored to the needs of the trainee and the personality of the trainee, with teachers as members or captains of prestigious dance groups in the city. Both in the underground and showbiz like Game On Crew, The Lyricist, D.Outlawz Squad, etc.


A bridge between domestic and international dancers, oriented to the spirit of inclusion in a community to learn together and develop strongly.

Affirming hip hop culture, culture comes from daily activities, combined with the feeling of music, to express oneself. Developing from that culture is sharing, learning from each other to diversify personal styles, creating personal qualities and moving forward with the dancers community.

Strengthening the spirit of mutual learning between the dance teams and crews in the country, enhancing the spirit of learning, sharing and improve the personal acknowledgement of the Vietnamese dancers.


Assist and assure the quality of knowledge, culture and skills sharing activities in modern dance arts between Vietnam and the world such as dancers workshops, choreographers at home and abroad, events, competitions, performances of the city and of the world, dance classes.

Provides ideal locations and high quality investments for modern dance, dance, competition and performing arts such as hip hop, jazz funk, cheerleading, martial arts, etc.

To bring professional staff in the process of organizing activities to exchange skills development and awareness of dance in particular and art in general, ensuring material learning and archiving process of self development for dancers and for art lovers as well.